Sell a Home

Selling Your Home

J.W & Associates agents provide every seller with a program tailored specifically to their needs. This is but one of the advantages we offer as an independent, privately held firm. With an unequaled level of discretion and personalized attention, our clients enjoy the best of both worlds: a company that is small and nimble enough to meet a seller’s needs, with the essential infrastructure and resources of a large firm.

J.W & Associates agents can position a home to move quickly and at the highest possible price. We are skillful negotiators who know how to interpret complicated financial statements, assess buyer qualifications, and weigh or anticipate other factors that can make or break a deal.

Our discerning professionals excel at recommending the appropriate staging of a home to ensure that it “shows” at its absolute best. Sellers’ homes are also reflected beautifully in our marketing materials, with exquisite photography that puts every J.W & Associates listing in a class of its own.

With more than 93% of real estate searches starting on the web, it is imperative to grow with the trends or be left behind. In addition to displaying our listings on our J.W & and Associates web-site and the Va Home Realty Website, we are partnered with dozens of other strategically chosen sites. We specialize in all marketing mediums including traditional display advertising and news letters to target and place our properties exactly to the best niche audience and demographic.

When you are ready to sell, we encourage you to take a look at how other firms market their properties. We are confident that J.W & Associates stands apart from the competition.

We have a “Love Us or Leave Us”

You aren’t locked into a long-term contract. You can “leave” us if you feel we are not doing our very best. You aren’t subject to any further obligations. You are in control of your listing time-frame. We are HIGHLY MOTIVATED to sell your home fast! This Love us or Leave Us Listing Agreement is satisfaction guaranteed of that.  When you list your home with us we take the pressure off you and put it on us. There are never any hassles and absolutely no questions asked. You can cancel anytime. If professional pictures were taken for the listing a fee of $130 for the photographer will be charged if listing agreement is terminated.